2012 What is Ego?

Bernard Poolman



E-go is created as energy and is where your energy GOEs.


That means that when you take the physical energy created by your body and you change it in faith, beliefs, meanings, justifications, feelings, emotions, ideas, thought, words, you change real energy to illusion.


E-go is then the name for the entity that acts in ways of self interest and take the universal free real physical energy supplied by the physical and change it into self interest where it is through actions based on ego resulting in a system of inequality.


This inequality as ego is the foundation of education, economics, religion, politics, money, spirituality, family culture, sex and from this knowledge of self as ego, every child that enter this realm is immediately infested with the illusion and forced to create an ego themselves that will follow and abide by the rules of the illusion that has been manifested as the human civilization.


For instance, the mental disease ideas that exist in this world from those propagating the ego idea like psychologists and psychiatry, has as it foundation that the mental illness cannot be cured. By definition the opposite of the polarity of not curing, would then imply that they create the mental disease. The fact that psychology have no idea what the mind really is and how it functions is obviously also confirmed by their admittance that they cannot cure a mental disease. The introduction of chemicals applied as a broad-spectrum attempt to subdue the inner war of the human, shows a total lack of compassion and empathy and a deliberate abuse of the humans insecurities just for money.


When the e-go transform real energy into illusionary energy in the mind, it creates a bubble of energy. That is consciousness as you have conned yourself from awareness to illusion. The global consciousness is where groups join in faith and belief and work together to get the illusion established as if it is real. The physical show very clearly through the global inequality that the ego is failing at a cost of billions suffering. But the ego will not give up. The real man as the physical will have to rise from the dust of this illusionary civilization that was created. How far this will be taken will depend on all that is here on earth. The current likelihood of any transformation of ego back to the physical is unlikely without massive discomfort continuously in a person’s life. Those for whom the ego consciousness still works and provide their daily bread, will refuse to change in spite of excluding through such brutal disregard, the majority of the people on earth.


The ego will due to extensive program designs make itself always look at beautiful stuff in the mind, like love and light and positive thinking and will focus on faith and belief no matter what as it knows—this battle for life is the Armageddon. The place where either the ego wins  or life wins – if the ego wins –earth will eventually be destroyed by the management of earth through ego as ego have no common sense that is best for all. Ego works with making sense to fit the illusionary design of itself no matter how much harm comes from it as it is about survival of the fittest regardless of consequence—this the world demonstrate very effectively throughout history.


Visit Desteni for more information on how the mind and energy functions and to learn how to investigate self and reality effectively from the starting point of establishing a world that is best for all in all ways.



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