Bernard Poolman – Sins of The Mothers

17 May 2009

Ok, so, to get the point of where the word ‘MotherFucker’ is coming from, you´re going to have to listen to this whole Explanation. Because we´re going to start with a Fascinating point:

The point of ´Silence´. That means: Where have we as Humans learned to pretend and remain ‘silent’ in the Face of our Deception.

Go back to when you were a Child, ‘innocently-playing’, with all the ´goodies´ that’s around in the house – and you Notice there´s a ‘nice square-box’ on the Wall with Holes in and, like a Child – you are Investigating, so you want to find out what is those wall…those ‘holes in the wall’ and the best way is to put your finger in there.

And as your finger starts to go in there it gets a little-but ‘stuck’, it doesn´t wanna quite go in, and the next moment: You Hear your mother Scream. You turn Ice-cold Inside in Absolute Shock. Freeze!

You are in ‘mortal danger’ – something is Seriously ‘wrong with your mother’ because she´s Screaming. You don´t understand a Word she´s saying – but it´s got something to do with these holes in the wall.

Apparently you can´t put your finger in there – but then: ‘Why is this hole open?’ I mean, isn’t that…when the hole is there and it´s open and your finger can actually…you know if you put a little bit of effort, your finger will go in there.

And you burst-out Crying. And your mother slapped you on the finger or grabbed you and pulled you away with great speed, putting lots of Pressure on all your inner-organs, as she pull you away in ‘great Fear’ and you´re Aware there´s ‘great Fear’ because apparently ‘you are in Danger’.

You’ll only later-on find out and Understand that you nearly put your finger into an Electric-plug in the Wall – a Wall-plug Situation.

But now, the story Continues: As Time-progress and you start to grow older – you pick-up on it that: If there is a certain Voice-tonality in your parents´ Voices or in their behaviour, a certain ‘Tension’, that the possibility that they are going to ‘shout, scream, or push their finger up your nose’ and saying to you: “Don´t do that” = Increase Dramatically.

Obviously you´re being a very ‘well-adapted’ ‘life-form’ that is focused on ‘Survival’ – you start to ‘prepare the way’ of ‘how to deal with these events’, because you don´t really want to ‘experience these events’ – you want to be able to ‘handle’ them and get past them – without this ‘feeling’ where you are in ‘absolute-Fear’ of what your parents is going to do.

So you start to Breathe – and in that Breathing, you find a ‘place within yourself’ where you remain ‘silent’, because it´s as if your parents can ‘See your Thoughts’, so you don´t even want to think.

So that whenever they are ‘attacking you’, you don´t want to say: “Yes” or “No” – you don´t wanna say anything, you just want to remain ‘silent’, or you want to say: “I didn´t do it! I didn´t do it! It wasn´t me! It wasn´t me!” – and if you can, you´ll even blame one of your Siblings – as long as you can get away from this ´Wrath of God´ – because what is quite clear is that: The only Force in your ‘life as a Child’ that has ‘dominion over you’ and that can ‘bend you and break you and force you’ to do whatever it Wants, whatever ‘Suits It’: Is your parents. There is Nothing else.

I mean, everything-else in your total-Reality from the Moment of Birth – is rather irrelevant. You might have some parents…or…some ‘uncles’ or ‘aunts’ or ‘grandparents’ also in the ‘picture’ doing similar-things – but what do you ‘learn’ there?

You learn a Interesting thing: You learn to ‘pretend’, that you are not being affected by what it is your parents are saying; and you find out an interesting thing: It´s possible to lie and get away with it, if you use this Pretence – this Fake-face, Fake-feeling inside – this Fake-silence, this Fake-point where you do not think – where you can look somebody In the Eye and Pretend there´s ‘nothing wrong’, and that you´re quite ‘Okay’.

And you can even eventually get to the point where – while you´re looking in somebody´s Eye, in your Mind you will go – and there´s this ‘Voice’ you call ‘You’, will go: “Fuck You!”

I mean: “I…you don´t know whether I’ve done it or not, you don´t know the ‘truth’, you can´t blame me – I didn´t do anything!” – but meantime you Did.

Because you´ve learned one thing – which is a Fascinating point: If you ‘admit your guilt’ = you will be ‘Punished’. So therefore ‘at all cost’ – you must never admit ‘guilt’.

And even you´ve done it – whether you did it or not becomes irrelevant. What becomes Relevant is your ‘Survival at all cost’. So, here you´re being Fucked-with…by your mother.

Which is fascinating within that, is that: This ‘anger’ with your parents will Escalate. And you´ll get to a point where later-on in your life you´ll say: “I will never do what my parents did, I won´t live like them” – but you end-up doing Exactly the Same, because these ‘Fears’ of ‘multiple-Dangers’ in the ‘Reality of Earth’ = is Transferred to you – and you eventually, through experiences, where you Challenge some of these Fears on these points that was placed on you – you have learned that there is a Consequence.

That´s for instance – when you´re young you´ll end-up using Drugs – in many cases Extensively, or Alcohol, or you will abuse Sexuality – until at some point the Pain and the Hurt and the Consequences become too much and then you´ll STOP.

There…most people that abuse these things will eventually Stop – and they´ll only do it in their youth and they´ll only do it because of two ‘reasons’:
One is their parents say they…shouldn´t do it, and secondly is because their friends are doing it, their peers are doing it.

So you have two points pushing and then you will live in a ‘World of Pretence’ – because you´ll walk into your home and Pretend you’re ‘Okay’ even while you’re on the influence of Drugs, and you will just be ‘normal’.

And so = Multiple-Levels of Suppression exist within that.

Now – what is more Interesting is that: During an event as a Child and as you Create your ‘Principles of Pretence’ – your parents normally will end-up in the…after they have Lambasted you with a point where they´ll say:
“You know I…I´m only doing this because I ‘love’ you”. And then they’ll say to you: “I ‘love’ you” – and then they will expect you to say back: “I ‘love’ you”.

And now you´re in that ´silence´, that ‘state of control´, that state of what you would term ´forgiveness´ – because you are now expected to say – as a statement of forgiveness: “I ‘love’ you”.

So you start to Associate ´forgiveness´, ´control´, pretence, ´kindness´, ´compassion´- all of it at once – as your ‘methodology of Survival’ in this World.

And anything that would promote that and allow you to live in that ‘World of Pretence’ where no CommonSense exist, where you are not able to Change the way Society work – you will participate in it, because it allows you to do the same.

It gives you that ‘´freedom´ to pretend’, it gives you the ‘´freedom´ to lie’ – and what is fascinating: You know everyone else is lying and doing exactly what you´re doing because everybody went through the same point.

Not only that = If somebody ‘Challenge your Reality’ and start to Show you how you´re Fucking with yourself – you´ll call them: “A ‘MotherFucker’”.

Because in saying to them that: “They’re a ‘MotherFucker’” – you´re implying that they’re as Fucked as you – “Who gives them the right to…to Question your Fuckness”; Because – they´ve gone through the same stuff, they´ve learned the same Methods of Pretending – and now they are ‘Claiming’ that they can give that up and actually ‘Live a Real-Life’?

That´s not possible – because you cannot see You being able to Live in this World as a Real-Life – you can only See your own Fuckedness and you can only See how you Fuck your Children – and therefore you´ll immediately use One Simple Way to…Push the Person back to the ‘memory’ of how they were Fucked as a Child by calling them: “A ‘MotherFucker’” – because that was how they were Fucked by their ‘Mother’.

You´ll Find in Societies where…and Cultures where the Abuse from the Parent with their Child is more – that the word ‘MotherFucker’ is used more.

So just have a Look where the word ‘MotherFucker’ is used more, then you´ll know how much more the Abuse in those Homes were. It´s a fascinating experience.

Now what one must Consider is the following: The only way you´re gonna Stop this is through Unconditional Forgiveness.

Because you must Understand that – the parents did that only because their parents did it to them. It´s the whole point of `seven-generations´ – ‘the Sins of the Fathers will be Visited upon the Children and their Children and their Children’.

Your parents didn´t know. You´ll maybe listening to this now and Understand this Point: The Cycle cannot Stop if it isn´t STOPPED.

The way to Stop the Cycle is to not blame anyone that is involved in the Cycle – but to Stop and to Actually Unconditionally Forgive Everyone.

And to Forgive Yourself and then to make sure, by Remaining Absolutely Aware that you do not allow yourself to go into a ‘condition’ where You become a ‘MotherFucker’.

And in that, we can Change the Cycle of Abuse that is existent and which participate in Creating the ‘Pretence of ´love´’. Now this ‘Pretence of ´love´’ is then taken Further in Religion and the New-Age, especially in the New-Age; In Religion, the primary-point of ‘MotherFucking’ comes where the person needs-somebody that keeps them ‘In-Check’ through Fear. Somebody that can give them the same ´treatment´ that the parents gave them.

In that – Religion fits the…the point Perfectly because it gives this ‘Massive-Fear’ – which used to be the Wall-plug and you putting your finger into the Wall-plug – is now you being Warned about ´going to Hell´ – which is the same-point as some Major Fucking Electrical-Shock and Burning-Hot thing that´s gonna Fuck you, I mean for no reason at all, you can’t See the thing, you don’t Understand it really – but: “Because they says it´s so – it must be so, how can they be ‘wrong’?” – you See, they have ‘Survived’ so long and you want at least to ‘Survive’ as long as they did; so therefore you will follow the Instructions and the Advice accordingly.

In…at that point it works with the same point of Forgiveness that says, I mean, “you know that you can´t Really Change, your Forgiveness isn’t Real and that you haven’t Actually Changed, but I mean – Jesus died for your sins”, so therefore “you don’t have to Really Change. As long as Jesus died for your sins – it´s ‘okay’”. This Mess that’s going on inside you isn’t Really Real because “when you Die, Jesus will just ‘wipe it all clean’ – it’s not your Responsibility, Jesus did it for you”.

The same point virtually that your parents did when they came to the point of – after the Lambasting and after they have Abused you, in Various forms, Verbally and Emotionally, that they will come to you and says: “I love you” – and they expect you to say “I love you” and they say “I do it for your ‘best interest’” – Exactly the same point as repeated in Religion.

Now the New-Agers is taking this to a another-level of ‘MotherFucking’. They are the ‘real cool MotherFuckers’, because they have taken that ‘Space’ within themselves, where they Pretend and they are ´silent´ and they’re ´in-control´ and they’ve made that an Ultimate-point: Where they can Walk in this World without being affected by anything and the Starvations, all the Mess that´s going on in the World – they don’t Feel it at All – but they’re ‘silent-inside’ and they call that ´Love´ and they Pretend that to be ‘real’ and they believe, from their perspective – because it´s always worked for them as a Child, that it´ll work for them through this Whole-Mess that is Existent in Earth and on Earth, and all they have to do, is ‘remain in that ´silence´’ and ‘remain as that ´Love´’ and that is their ´walk of forgiveness´ and ‘somehow’, ‘magically’, just like it worked when they…you were a Child, you know – if you just keep on Pretending – eventually your parent will believe you and say: “Okay, I believe you”.

That eventually just by keep-on Pretending and Walking – that the ‘World will Change by itself’ = exactly the same point.

Who Fucked you? Your Mother Fucked you – you’re a ‘MotherFucker’, I mean – and now you’re ‘MotherFucking’ Existence.

It is Important to start-to Really – with CommonSense – Investigate where one´s Behaviour is coming-from – and the only way to Solve this particular-‘problem’ is to go into Forgiveness and Remove the Layers of Every Single Event that has Ever Happened – Forgive EveryOne that has been Involved in Creating this particular ‘Version of ‘yourself’’, until you are ‘back as a Child’; When you are a Child-again with no-Programming, that means, with no-Experience, no-Judgments, no-Fears – Everything Clear – then you are Actually Facing Rebirth for the First-time, but it´s not possible to Face Rebirth, that means to Birth Yourself from the Physically…Physical and be a Version of Yourself that is Truly-Free from all these Fucking and ‘MotherFucking’, that…it is Necessary that – in that – you have to Really Investigate Every Single Thing that´s Happened – you´ll Find that many of the points you have forgo…you have ‘forgotten’ – you have Suppressed it because you have Created a ‘Version of ‘yourself’’ that ´deals’ with Tension, that ´deals’ with Threats, that ´deals’ with Conflict in ‘forms of silence´ and ´forgetfulness´ – because you have Forced-yourself to Not Participate beyond the point of ´Standing your Ground´ through being ´silent´ inside-yourself and ‘Playing the Game’ – whatever was Enforced on you.

You didn’t ‘manage’ to See that you could do anything-else, because ´you were small´ and ´they were big´, I mean, in terms of: If you really go-back to your Childhood you´ll Notice that your World were very ‘small’ – because you were very Small; but as you grew-up and you were Exposed to more and more things, your World became ‘bigger’ as you grew Bigger.

The same point is Relevant within the Totality of your Existence, because your Existence is ‘dependent’ on how you have ‘Exposed yourself through…to things´- and you will use the same ´Methodology´ that you used to ‘Control’ your parents – to actually ´Control´ your Reality.

In many-cases where the ´Discipline´ of the parent was Extensive – they would Create forms of ‘Protégées’, for instance, where a Child is ‘Trained to be ´Highly-Effective´’ –

the Elite is very good at this, because they send their Children to…to ‘Specialized-Schools’ that Train them to take-over their Business-Empires, to take over their Businesses and Train them Specifically what to do and how to do it. This is done in many of the Bloodline-Families.

What is Bloodline-Families? It’s Families that simply Realized one thing: That your Child´s ‘Effectiveness’ is dependent on what you Program into your Child.

The whole ‘Consumerism-Business’, the whole ‘Religious-Business’, the Educational-Systems, your Money-System – all of it is working on a simple-principle of ‘MotherFucker’: You are being ‘MotherFucked’the whole Fucking time.

Now what’s more Interesting is, because of the Great-Disgust that exist Inherently within all-people towards their ‘Families’, especially their ‘Mothers’, because they feel their ‘trust’ has been ‘violated’ – ‘Mothers’ will normally end-up in a Physical-Form that is ‘Disgusting’. They will take-on, after they’re…had Children – a Form that you can clearly-see: They have…they’re no-longer a ‘Woman’ – they are now a ‘Mother’.

They are no-longer something that is ‘In-Shape´. They have become just a Piece of Meat that Impales, Impregnates their Children with the same Bullshit they were Impregnated with. And they do that as a ‘living’, I mean, that’s all they ‘live-for’. They only ‘live’ for their Children; everything-else becomes Irrelevant. Which then tend-to lead-to the Males having Multiple-Relationships Outside their ‘Marriages’, obviously, all under Pretence, because – Remember – that this particular-point of being able to Pretend so ‘magnificently’ – is taken to Extremes, also in ‘Relationships’ where – especially the Males – will go-around and sleep-around and…or go to Prostitutes Extensively. That’s why – if you Really have to Look at – Common-Sensically – you have a Massive Prostitute-Industry with Females available for Males and Males available for Males, a very small one for Females. Females don’t normally do this, because the ‘Mother’ is busy Fucking their Children, so the…while the ‘Mother’ is busy Fucking the Children, the ‘Father’ is busy Fucking the Prostitute, I mean, that’s how the Sex-thing Operates so – ‘Mother-Fucker’ is Fucking-themselves, the ‘Mother’ is Fucking-themselves and their Children and the ‘Father’ becomes somebody that must ‘seek’ his ‘Basic Physical-needs’ ‘somewhere-else’.

And that’s all done, obviously, under a Pretence – a ‘False-Image’ that is Projected that becomes then the ‘Image and the Likeness of this World’ – this ‘False-Image’ that is Existent.

That’s why in this World, you have a…in a Society of Multiple-‘False-Images’, Secrets, Controls, Lies, Deception, Corruptions – Everywhere; and you have the people with the Audacity – Using Religion as their Excuse to say that: “Everything is ‘fine’ and that ‘somehow’ ´God´ is going to ‘save-everybody’”.

Please – have a look: If you are a…‘Only a Child goes to Heaven’, I mean, why is that? You can’t ‘trust’ a bloody ‘Adult’ because the ‘Adult’ is all ‘Mother-Fucked’.

The Child – before they’re ‘Mother-Fucked’- they can go to Heaven. Why? Because they are Innocent and they can be Trusted, until the parent comes in and Fuck them – then they are ‘Mother-Fucked’.

One(ce) they’re ‘Mother-Fucked’, they can…they’re no longer a ‘Child’. They have become a Clone of the Parents – they are as Fucked as the parents and the Seven Generations of Sin is now Continuing; So and – from that moment forth = the Child no-longer are able to go to Heaven – what does that mean? Heaven is a ‘State of Being’.

Now – what one then Created or what has been Created within one-self is this Pretence; this point where – you can Pretend ´everything is fine´, which you call your Form of ´Heaven´, which is the Religious-Heaven, the ‘Righteous-Heaven’. That ‘Righteous-Heaven’ is where you are ‘Standing’ in the ‘Face of Everything’ and you are…you, ‘you have been ´Saved by the Blood of Jesus´ and you can ‘Stand’ and you don’t give a Fuck about anything-else and you ‘Mother-Fuck’ anything that comes and Challenge you’.

So – in Existence, we have a Big ‘Problem’: We have the Problem of the ‘MotherFuckers’– Everyone is a ‘MotherFucker’, I mean you just have to Look.
YouTube is a very cool ex…’Way’ to Look at – if you look at all the Comments on Desteni and the…I mean, remember, there’s about 40% of the Comments we don’t even Approve because of the Vile-Nature of it:

You’ll Notice that the Nature of the People Participating on YouTube is mostly ‘MotherFuckers’ – they’re all trying to Fuck-others so that they can ‘feel better’ about themselves – it’s just a ‘MotherFucking’-story.

And this is also ‘lived-out’ in Masturbation, so I would really Implore you to…to really Investigate Masturbation, ‘Relationships’ and how you ‘deal with Sexuality’ and how you ‘deal with your ‘Inner-World’’ – and Here – as we Suggest at Desteni – it is Really Your Responsibility – Your Responsibility is the whole point of Self-Realization.

Within that you have to Realize that: If you do not become Self-Honest, and you are unable to Forgive those that has ‘MotherFucked’ you; you will become a ‘MotherFucker’ – and you will end-up in Exactly the Same-point where you don’t…where you ‘claim’ you don’t wanna be, so – Practically what do we Suggest?

We Suggest: Self-Honesty and we Suggest that: Some of the things you are not going to be able to See very ‘easily’ = Therefore, you do Self-forgiveness – it is a, a Tool which Allows You to Become Self-Honest and to walk in Self-Honesty.

We Suggest that: You Breathe-Effectively, because – I mean – if you are Breathing-Effectively – at least you can See what the Fuck is in your ‘Direct-Environment’ and be Honest with Yourself within the context of your Direct-Environment – and then work-out what is CommonSensically a Solution for this ‘MotherFucking’-Business called ‘Life’ to be sorted-out.

Because if we keep on ‘MotherFucking’ each-other, I mean – this Shit is not gonna End = it’s just gonna get Worse.

And I mean, if I call you a Fuck-Face now – what am I Really Saying? Is you are Fucked, Face – because you are.

You are unable to be Self-Honest, you are unable to Actually Forgive and you are unable to Live Here as Breath so that Every Word you Speak is a Living-Word.

The only Words you are Living, is the Word: Fuck .

That’s why – what is the Primary-Objective of Every Being in Existence? Is to Fuck as much as they can and in that, they are Fucking Themselves which means they become Fuck-Faced.

Why are they Fuck-Faced, is because they are ‘MotherFuckers’.

Who Fucked them? Their ‘Mothers’ did – that’s why they’re ‘MotherFuckers’ of the ‘MotherFuckers’.

So – I suggest Fuck-Face = Stop the ‘MotherFucking’ and get down to some Fucking Forgiveness.

Understand that the Elite of this World Understand these things. They have developed Specifically Psychology and Psychiatry with the im…with the Specific-Purpose of Controlling the ‘MotherFuckers’ of Existence – so that, between Birth and Death – you are ‘Controlled’ to not Fuck-around in the ‘Reality of the Elite’ and therefore they have their own little ‘Spaces’, which they Control while you are left to your own ‘MotherFucking’-devices where you can Fuck your own Face, Fuck-Face = Wake Up.


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