by Bernard Poolman

The next 2-3 years will be process in development–meaning–seemingly little will happen but the obvious events that will stand out–the real events will become something very close to home as it will have an effect on every family–that will diseases and money problems and food problems

suggestions–do not have debt–this expose you to control

Develop self honest self trust to allow decisions you make to be self realised self directed decisions which will open doors to expansion instead of the activation of time loops

Do not judge yourself when you fuck up–there is consequence–but the solution through self honesty will reveal

Realise–the vastness of process includes all life/manifested beings–and the total unified field universally–to predict within that the movement of it is complex–and even a word spoken–influence the outcomes/timeframes–as we all are part of the flow as ourselves and what we allow and become

You will notice quite agressive movement from my side–realise–that is done to accellerate the process

I prefer short period of suffering to long one and will do all possible for this– yet–suffering there will be and there is nothing we can do about it but walk through it

the breath assist effectively with suffering and discomfort–I experience it as a realisation that eventually I will be through the experience and just keep on breathing focussing on the breath–I have done many of this in preparation and I fucked up many times and did many timeloops–and screamed many times and cried many times–I resisted many times -you name it–I did it and will do it again–this is not an easy answer we assist with and certainly not one that will form a religion or make many friends–as you notice

so–a cult–we willl probably never be–under attack and seen as some wacky people–probably–

and many will come and run–and then return when no answers are found anywhere–then we must be ready

Copyright of Desteniproductions http://www.desteni.org

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